Family Photography

Your family is one of a kind, and I can document your genuine connection.

It's the little moments that fill our hearts and knit us together.

My photography captures children and families the way they really are. I love composing a shot and seeing the spirit of my subject shining right there in front of me. Click. Its a magical experience to be able to capture the essence of a person so it can be shared and treasured in the future. During my 1-2 hour family photo sessions, theres a lot of playing, laughing, running, rolling, and climbing. Clothing changes are encouraged!  I provide light posing direction for groups, but mostly we play together as I fall a little in love with the family I'm getting to know.

The creative fee for a portrait session is $175. Gift prints (8x10 and smaller) are $35 and wall portraits start at $70. The average client invests $800 in their custom photography. 

Day in the life sessions

A day-in-the-life session tells the story of your family on an ordinary day.  I will join your family for part of your day, usually wake through lunch time or afternoon through bedtime.   I'll be photographing amidst your family as you navigate routines, capturing moments that show the intimate connections you share.  From baths and dressing to cookie baking and bike riding, your session is an unscripted documentary of your family's day.   The Day in the Life sessions start at $800 and include the digital files. Books that capture the story of the day start at $300.

“Thanks so much for photographing us! I could look at those images a million times, then a million more and never tire of them. Wonderful!”
— Julie
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“Thank you again for your fabulous work. Your talent is such a blessing to us!”
— Jennifer
“We adore Althea as she has such an easy way about her, making even the most camera-shy feel comfortable.
Althea connects well with children, and that comes through in her photographs. She captures their spirit by photographing them in their natural element. She is responsive, professional, and fun, and the quality of the images is exceptional.
We have been so happy with Althea’s work and her photographs now grace our walls. Even more than that, they have become part of our family’s memory. “
— Steph and Seth
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